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giovedì 24 gennaio 2008

Let the sun declines

Foto: Cip

Let the sun declines
and the darkness conceals everything.
Let the moon dies
at bottom this night
stifled by silence cry.

Let the time glides away
endless, senseless…
and forget, forget the wind
that carved the stone
by folly slivers.

Just remember the shade of my steps
forget to be who you aren’t
and join me
at the end of the night.

For only one instant
without saying a word
in this dark way
stop your steps
and listen to the silence…
… a strange breath
in different thoughts…
… a missed dream
in a never seen face…

Then go away
along deserted roads
far from the ghost of my voice…
… go away without time and breathless
far from the dust of a lost place.

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